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Beauty of Nepal's natural environment

Beauty of Nepal's natural environment

Land area of Asia 

Nepal is one of the littlest nations of the world. Nepal covers only 0.3 % of the all out land area of Asia and 0.03% of the all out land area of the world. It is the landlocked country that lies in the lap of two monster countries; India in the East, West and South and China in the North. This country is on the creating stage. In spite of the fact that being a little country on the planet Nepal is brimming with common magnificence, extraordinary highlights and social decent variety. Rhododendron is the national blossom and cow is viewed as the national creature. Essentially, Lophophorus (Himalayan Monal) is the national feathered creature of Nepal. Beforehand, Dhaka Topi and Daura Suruwal for men used to be the national dress of Nepal. However, these days social dresses of all the ethnic gatherings are considered as the national dress of Nepal. Nepal used to be the only kingdom on the planet. In any case, subsequent to ousting King Gyanendra Nepal has turned into the common state. 

In this little country there are around 125 ethnic gatherings and every one of them are leaving regarding one another. Additionally, there is religious resilience in Nepal. Indeed, even a solitary drop of blood has not been shed in Nepal for religion. Nepal is socially rich country. In Nepal, greater part of people pursue Hinduism. As per the 2011 registration report of Nepal, 84.2% of the Nepalese pursue Hinduism, 9.0% people pursue Buddhism, 4.4% people pursue Muslim, 3.0% people pursue Kirat, 1.42% pursue Christianity, and 0.9% pursue different religions like Jainism, Vaisnavism and so forth. 

So also, in the event that we talk about land highlights of Nepal, Nepal is the only country having outrageous topographic variety going from 70 meter to 8848 meter from the ocean level. Nepal has the world's most noteworthy pinnacle Mt. Everest at a height of 8,848 meter from ocean level. Thus, Nepal has been disseminated into three environmental locales; Himalayan, Hilly and Terai. Himalayan district covers 20% of all out land area, Hilly locale covers 63% of the all out land area, and 17% of the complete land area is secured by Terai. Terai locale is known as the storage facility of Nepal. As indicated by evaluation report of 2011, 73.9% of people are completely relied upon horticulture. However, 73.9% percent Nepalese are completely reliant on farming only 28.7% of Nepal's land area is arable. Nepal has in excess of 6000 waterways and tributaries. Nepal is the second biggest country regarding water asset. 

Nepal is reliant on different nations generally due its landlocked highlights. Nepal is a country which has been trading crude materials and bringing in completed products. Henceforth, Nepal is bearing exchange shortage since long time. Nepal is rich country as far as assets. Be that as it may, the assets have not been utilized in its full degree. Research have demonstrated that Nepal has the possibility to create 83,000 Megawatt power from the quick streaming waterways yet sadly because of absence of enormous interest in these part Nepal has had the capacity to deliver only 1% of its complete potential limit. To be a created country on the planet, right off the bat Nepal must not rely upon different nations as far as hydropower. 

Beauty of Nepal's natural environment

common attractions 

As Nepal is the country loaded with regular attractions, Nepal can be the reasonable the travel industry goal for the nature sweetheart tourists. In Nepal, the tourists can take a shrubbery walk, wilderness safari, elephant ride, chasing, wilderness boating, nectar chasing, feathered creature viewing, and so forth. Correspondingly, Nepal is likewise the appropriate the travel industry goal for experience darling tourists just as culture sweethearts. Nepal is very in culture and customs. Inside this little area Nepal is a settlement of in excess of 120 ethnic gatherings. A portion of the ethnic gatherings are very nearly annihilation; Kusunda is one of them. Raute, Chepang, and so on are the other ethnic gatherings that are with regards to losing their personality. In Nepal still there are ethnic gatherings that are living in the crude ages. Nepali people have been ensuring their way of life for business reason as well. Ensuring the way of life has been a pay hotspot for Tharu people group people. They have been procuring attractive sum for appearing social moves and serving their nearby cooking for the tourists. The vast majority of the tourists visiting Chitwan regularly don't miss viewing Tharu social shows and eating Tharu food. 

Beauty of Nepal's natural environment

Nepal is the country having extraordinary chronicled significance. Nepal is the country of "Gurkhas". Nepal is the only free country on the planet. In spite of the fact that Gurkha troopers needed present day arms and ammo, they shielded Nepal's region from British colonization by demonstrating their valiance and boldness. Nepali people feel pleased to discuss their history. Three of the world legacy destinations in Kathmandu valley; Kathmandu durbar square, Bhaktapur durbar square and Patan durbar square feature the verifiable criticalness of Nepal. These durbars were worked by the Malla Kings. History darling tourists can visit these areas to think about the Nepalese history. In Nepal tourists can find out about the history related with Lichchhivi, Malla and Shah Dynasty. They can likewise watch the authentic landmarks, engravings, and so forth. 

religious tourists 

Beauty of Nepal's natural environment
Gautam Buddha

Nepal is additionally the vital tourist goal for the religious tourists. Nepal is the origin of Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha was conceived in Nepal in sixth century BC in Lumbini. Additionally, there is a conviction among the Hindus that different divine beings and gods lived in Nepal. It is likewise the origin of Sita (spouse of Lord Ram). Pashupatinath is a standout amongst the most well known Hindu sanctuaries everywhere throughout the world. Around 1 million people visit Pashupatinath upon the arrival of Shivaratri (accepted to be the day Lord Shiva was conceived). Generally the pioneers coming to Nepal are Hindus and Buddhists. India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, China, Thailand, and numerous other Asian tourists visit Nepal for journey reason. The only Living Goddess of the world Kumari is found in Nepal. Muktinath is the sanctuary that is adored by both Hindu and Buddhists. 

Beauty of Nepal's natural environment

Nepal is likewise interesting for vegetation. Nepal is the living space for different jeopardized wild types of flying creatures and creatures. 

Some acclaimed religious sanctuaries and stupas in Nepal are: 

1. Pashupatinath 

2. Muktinath 

3. Manakamana 

4. Swayambhunath 

5. Bauddhanath 

6. Baraha Chhetra 

7. Lumbini 

8. Changunarayan 

9. Budhanlkantha 

10. Dakshinkali 

11. Pathibhara Devi 

12. Palanchok Bhagwati 

13. Dolakha Bhimsen, and so forth. 

Some acclaimed spots to visit in Nepal are: 

Beauty of Nepal's natural environment

1. Khaptad National Park 

2. Sagarmatha National Park 

3. Chitwan National Park 

4. Annapurna Conservation Area 

5. Kathmandu Durbar Square 

6. Bhaktapur Durbar Square 

7. Patan Durbar Square 

8. Kumari Temple 

9. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve 

10. Pokhara 

11. Nagarkot 

12. Dhulikhel 

13. Rara National park 

14. Shey Phoksundo National Park 

15. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve 

16. Upper and Lower Dolpo 

17. Upper and Lower Mustang 

18. Bardia National Park, and so on. 

Some celebrated trekking courses are: 

Beauty of Nepal's natural environment
Great Himalaya

1. Annapurna area 

2. Everest Base Camp 

3. Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo 

4. The Great Himalayan Trial 

5. Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang 

6. Langtang area 

7. Rara Lake Trek, and so on. 

Some significant mountain crests in Nepal are: 

1. Mt. Everest 

2. Mt. Lhotse 

3. Mt Cho oyu 

4. Mt. Kanchenjunga 

5. Mt. Makalu 

6. Mt. Manaslu 

7. Mt. Dhaulagiri 

8. Mt. Annapurna, and so forth. 

Interesting highlights of Nepal: 

1. Nepal is where Lord Buddha was conceived. 

2. Nepal is the Land of Himalayas. More than 33% Himalayan scopes of the world lies in Nepal. 

3. Nepal is the home of world's most noteworthy pinnacle Mt. Everest. 

4. Nepal is the country with one of a kind banner. Banner off Nepal is non-rectangular fit as a fiddle. 

5. Nepal is the only country where one horned rhino is found. 

6. Barbed Babbler is the fledgling discovered only in Nepal. 

7. Nepal is the only country with the Living Goddess "Kumari" 

8. Nepal is the only country that has 7 World legacy locales inside the separation of 15 km 

9. Kaligandaki gorge is the world's most profound canyon (1200 meters) 

10. Tilicho Lake in Nepal is the lake situated at the most noteworthy elevation (4800 meters) 

11. Everest View Hotel in Nepal is the inn arranged at most noteworthy height. (3962 meters) 

12. Arun Valley is the valley situated at a most noteworthy elevation. 

13. Nepal is the only country with the outrageous elevation varieties going from 70 meters to the world's most elevated 8848 meters. 

14. Despite the fact that 81.3 % of the people in Nepal are Hindu, Nepal is a mainstream state

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