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South Africa Safari: How To Combine Cape Town and Kruger Safari



Cape Town and the Greater Kruger area are the two most-visited puts in South Africa, the nation directly at the base of the compelling African mainland. They are ideal for those needing to visit Africa out of the blue or to go on their first-historically speaking safari – here is our best counsel we've accumulated since 1998.

Why pick South Africa?

•South Africa is the most created nation in Africa with brilliant foundation set up. Cape Town is a standout amongst its most wonderful urban communities and the Greater Kruger area (which comprises of the Kruger National Park and private diversion holds on its fringe like Sabi Sand, MalaMala and Timbavati) is known for simple, advantageous safaris.

•Long-pull flights fly legitimately into Cape Town and Johannesburg, making for simpler coordinations.

•English is in all respects generally spoken, and practically all signage is in English, so it's simple for you to get around.

•There is a sound neighborliness and travel industry so you ought to anticipate elevated requirements, fantastic administration and extraordinary settlement.

•There is bounty to see and do, making it ideal for vast gatherings with various interests or multi-generational families voyaging together.

•Thanks to the liberal conversion scale, your remote cash will go far in South Africa, giving you phenomenal incentive for cash and enabling you to rampage spend on top notch food, excellent wines, top of the line shopping and exercises like private visits with master guides.

Step by step instructions to Combine Cape Town and Kruger

South Africa Safari: How To Combine Cape Town and Kruger Safari

 What amount of time do you need?

Clearly, the more extended your excursion, the better! We recommend no less than seven evenings in SouthAfrica, isolated into around four in Cape Town and three on safari in Kruger. The additional time on safari, the better. Endeavor to organize seven days in South Africa at an absolute minimum; 10 days gives you all the more breathing space to truly take it all in.


A few voyagers feel that all of Cape Town can be seen in only a day and that a nonexclusive 'city' isn't worth get-away time. Yet, Cape Town is far beyond only a city: you need an entire day to encounter the Winelands (as wine nation is known); another entire day to see Cape Point, the penguins at Boulders Beach and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens; and at any rate a large portion of a day to summit Table (not Tabletop!) Mountain. Add time to visit the noteworthy downtown area, the brilliant Bo-Kaap, excellent Camps Bay shoreline and the dynamic V&A Waterfront, and before long you're up to something like three or four entire days. Indeed, even the Winelands merits a staying night or two in the event that you appreciate wine and high end food.

Cape Town has many energizing eateries and you'll see that your cash goes far gratitude to the swapping scale!

Keep in mind that for like clockwork you remain, you just get one entire day in a spot. Moving each second day can be truly tiring and doesn't give you much time to truly unwind, become more acquainted with the staff or even unload.

South Africa Safari: How To Combine Cape Town and Kruger Safari
Cape Town

What makes safari fun and energizing is its sheer unconventionality – no one can really tell what you're going to discover. Despite the fact that the Greater Kruger area is notable for the Big 5 (particularly panthers) and you might be sufficiently fortunate to see every one of them in a solitary diversion drive, this is never ensured. The additional time you have, the better your odds of seeing the creatures you have your heart set on. Lions, for instance, may just chase each three days or something like that – on the off chance that you need to see them preparing to chase (as opposed to simply lethargically lying around, resting in the shade), your odds are greatly improved in case you're on safari for no less than four or five days.

 Would it be advisable for you to do Cape Town or Kruger first?

There is no set in stone answer – whichever works better with your coordinations. Your own Africa Safari Expert will make a consistent schedule that augments your time on holiday and limits time spent in travel.

Why :

On the off chance that you fly straightforwardly into Cape Town, it bodes well to begin your holiday there in an incredible lodging, at that point fly up to the Kruger area. In the event that you stream into Johannesburg, we firmly recommend overnighting in the city if your plane terrains toward the evening or night on the off chance that you are going onto your safari first. You won't make the evening diversion drives in Kruger in any case so it's ideal to spruce up and rest so you can take off first-thing the following morning in time for informal breakfast, high tea and the evening drive.

South Africa Safari: How To Combine Cape Town and Kruger Safari

In the event that you are touching base in Joburg and, at that point traveling to Cape Town, your Safari Expert will expect to get you there in one day, so you can eat in Cape Town, Africa's foodie safe house. The trip between Cape Town International and additionally Tambo International is just two hours in length.

When leaving, think about whether you need to go straight from your inn to the air terminal for a whole deal flight or from the cabin – going from the hotel may make for a more drawn out return venture with more advances, which isn't perfect in the event that you simply need to return home.

South Africa Safari: How To Combine Cape Town and Kruger Safari

 When is the best time to go?

For the most part, crest safari season is from about June to October – Africa's winter and the northern half of the globe's late spring.

Why :

The absence of downpour over the Kruger area disperse the grass profoundly (so it's simpler to discover and see the creatures) and diversion doesn't stray a long way from the few outstanding water sources (by and by, making them simpler to discover).

This additionally is when Cape Town is normally experiencing a wet and cool winter – temperatures by and large range from about 10°C/50°F to about 20°C/70°F. This is in reality exceptionally lovely and there is for the most part not as much wind as in summer, when the Southeaster can blow firmly. Days can be sublimely radiant and even wet days mean you can hit exhibition halls, displays, shops and wineries with no issue. Think comfortable basements, thundering chimneys, comfort nourishment and incredible red wine.

South Africa Safari: How To Combine Cape Town and Kruger Safari

You will have comfortable attire with you for safari so pressing for both isn't an issue. Early morning diversion drives are cold and we emphatically propose gloves, scarfs, caps, pants and a wool.

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