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What is cloud computing / क्लाउड कंप्यूटिंग क्या है.

1-What is cloud computing / क्लाउड कंप्यूटिंग क्या है.

Friends, my name is Raj Awasthi, let's know today what cloud computing is. What does the cloud understand? What is the meaning of the cloud? Clouds mean clouds, but its name has been taken from the cloud Friends Computing Cloud Today's concept is not a very old concept, but its users are increasingly growing.

What is cloud computing / क्लाउड कंप्यूटिंग क्या है.

Cloud computing means that as you can see the cloud from anywhere, whether you are inside the house or outside of the house whether you are in the country or abroad, you can see the cloud from anywhere, just by looking at this concept. Its name is cloud computing. The main purpose of cloud computing is to get access to your data from anywhere, you just need a user ID and password and 1 internet connection that you This concept is called Cloud Computing, nowadays, if your data is saved in this laptop in which you work every day but you are out of nowhere and you need that data that file is needed. So how do you just go to a shop or just enter the user id and password and you will get your data which you can copy and use just the cloud Says Nputing.

Friends are also very hard that it is possible but everything is possible now to find time to go show you think it's time for cloud computing was very old concept of its birth around 1960s but in 1990 AD first salesforce company successful implentation of I who SaaS which was considered a long time at that time but slowly reads and Sun AWS in 2002 its Cloud Computing Services Principles on which that has become the largest company of cloud computing services today

Cloud computing  mainly provide three types of services.

1-IaaS- (Infrastructure as a service)

2-PaaS- (Platform as a service)

3-SaaS- (Software as a service)

TYPES OF CLOUD / क्लाउड के प्रकार.

1-Public Cloud - This type of cloud infrastructure hosts a second service provider, there is no control of the user in it, the user does not see the infrastructure, only the user can do his job and he has no information. But about infrastructure such as Microsoft, Google sees its infrastructure itself, there is no user control in it, it only tells its services and does its job, the user does not have any other work Can In.

What is cloud computing / क्लाउड कंप्यूटिंग क्या है.

2- Private Cloud - Private Cloud is an infrastructure that is used in any institutional institution, there is full control of the user in it. For example, you can understand that just like everyone can make a trip but if its personal car If you are standing, then no outsider can sit in it, if you are not allowed to do so, in the private cloud, unless you give any other user permission or permission to see that it is our data In the meantime he is to you may not have access to infrastructure adds private cloud .

3- Community Cloud - This is a multi-cloud infrastructure in which the cloud is shared among IT institutes. Such clouds are called community clues.

4- Hybrid Cloud- You can understand from friends hybrid that hybrid means mixes where the hybrid cloud is created where the private cloud and public cloud meet, but all the cloud combines to form a multi-development model called the Hybrid Cloud which is quite Is beneficial.

. What is IP Address/ IPएड्रेसक्या होता है. 

How to use cloud computing / क्लाउड कंप्यूटिंग का उपयोग कैसे करें.

Friends, we have been using cloud computing very long ago but we did not know much about how it is used, but what we are using it long ago you will know that we are people You are using it but you do not know that thing or do not understand what I am going to tell you, but you must know about it. Will not understand that this is the cloud computing.

What is cloud computing / क्लाउड कंप्यूटिंग क्या है.

Friends should tell you that Google has already been providing cloud computing services in which there is a simple example of how all people use Gmail nowadays, all of our documents are made from all the information in the document. One cloud computing is what we need for Gmail. We need only user id and password for Gmail, in any other country. Whether you need a user id or password at some other place, you can see all your information, without having to do your laptop, you will need an internet and user id password and you can give all your documents. By copying them you can bring it to your needs, just call this cloud computing.

To use Cloud Computing Services, you only need to create your own account by visiting websites related to cloud computing services such as AWS, and only after a few minutes you can take advantage of cloud computing services and make your work easier can do.

Friends, I hope that you will like the information given by me. If you like this information, then comment down in the comment box below to find out how you got this information and if you want to know more, then please follow our page. In which we keep all the information related to the computer in front of you.

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