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What is IP Address/ IPएड्रेसक्या होता है.

1-What is IP Address/ IPएड्रेसक्या होता है.

Friends, my name is Raj Awasthi, let us know what IP address is, if you run or use INTERNET, then your mobile or computer has an IP address so that ROUTER realizes where to send the data and He collects information and sends it from where the command is given to him. In today's world, the internet has become the world without which man cannot live without a minute.

What is IP Address/ IPएड्रेसक्या होता है.

With the help of the Internet today, we can send information to thousands of kilometers away to anyone. Video calling can be done with the help of internet. Many INTERNET TOOLs are responsible for the data that is exchanged with the help of internet. One of them is an IP address which is a main part of the Internet medium.

2- What is an IP address.
Friends, whatever devices we see nowadays and they have Internet access, there is definitely an IP address with the help of which SERVER knows where the command is given and where to send the information.

Friends, there will be a question in your mind that what happens if there is no IP address, it does not know where the COMMAND has been sent and where to send INFORMATION.

3-Version  of IP/ IP ऐड्रेस के प्रकार.

So far there are only two versions of the IP address.

1-IPV4- ( Intenet protocol version 4 )

2-IPV6- ( Intenet protocol version 6 )

4-Types Of  IP  / IP के प्रकार.

There are two types of IP addresses.

1-Public IP address-  Public IP address is the address given by the ISP (Internet service provider). This address does not change or it is an address that is connected to the Internet directly to the user.

What is IP Address/ IPएड्रेसक्या होता है.

2-Private IP address- The IP address in which more than two devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network, there is a network in which the IP is located belongs to the Private IP.

4 Format Of IP-  It is made of 32 digit Binary number, which is quite difficult to remember, so it has been divided into four parts. Each part can have numbers from 0 to 255 points.

Example- (

5- How  to check IP address / कैसे चेक करें अपना आईपी ऐड्रेस.  


If you want to check your IP address of your laptop or computer then you first have to open your laptop and after that you have to follow each step which I am telling you.

1-      For this you need to first press windows + r .

2-       Now type cmd in the box .

3-       Now type  ip config on prompat.  After this you will know your IP address.

2- method-

If you want to know the IP address  of your mobile then you have to do a simple job search on Google what is my ip You will first know in the box what is the IP address of your mobile.

And there are many commands by which it can be ascertained that what is the IP address of our system or our mobile, but the most IP address is seen through these two commands because it is simple and you know it soon. That's not what you have to find in your system or your mobile's IP address. First of all, this is your mobile phone's IPA Res are seeing a very good command line.

Guys, if you think once, if you do not have an IP address on our system or laptop, then I will explain to you an example as if you search on Google, instead of YouTube and its search you will find information Facebook If you are given a different result, it will be a different result which will be in front of you, a big problem will come to you if you do not have an IP address, The data was floating around and you searched for some more information and you got some information to help you to find some of the Internet tools which help us to send data information to an IP address which plays an important role. Providing data .

What is IP Address/ IPएड्रेसक्या होता है.

The role of the IP address is exactly the same as you assume that you are going to take the exam and you do not have a pen or you can think of what we are searching for on Google. Responsible work, there are many friends who play an important role for us, there is a lot of address and there is also a MAC Address which is the physical AI of our system. Our system is identified by this. If you want to know more about this, then you must definitely follow our page. Please see that and many information is given to you through our page. If you see it then you Many things about computer that you may know are rarely known .

I hope you enjoy this information and after that you will not think or think much about the IP address because you have told me all this through the page how the IP address works. What is the need for this if friends love you this information then follow our page and the information is good or something bad that you do not understand So you definitely below comment box comment so that took me best to help you feel good to you that you must follow our page for comments asked and I answered him .

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