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Computer courses that you can get after the Inter career .

Computer courses that you can get after the Inter career .

Computer courses that you can get after the Inter career .

Today, friends know my name, Raj Awasthi  today. Let's know today which course in which you can be given after the interaction. Better career friends like you know that government jobs are limited in their country and competition has increased in them. It has become very difficult to get a government job, but there are many courses in the field of computer that can give you a good job after the Inter In the field of Auto Computer, in many courses in which you can get a good job after intermediate job, but you will not know about them if you know, you will not have complete knowledge about them. Which courses are there then let's start .
You have to know about basic computer courses. In this you are taught how to turn on the computer. What happens in it. How the computer works in which the hardware is what it is in the network. It is scanned, how it is published, all this is given to you with basic knowledge, so that no further trouble in any advanced course The basic course is the most important because it does not work.


Friends, as you may know, the hardware and networking courses are very popular courses and there are many job opportunities in this. Hardware networking course is a course that can earn you a lot of money, in this every small part of the computer Is told about and every information is given about it.

Computer courses that you can get after the Inter career .

Full employment opportunity :

Friends, you will know that if you do this course you will not have to deal with unemployment and it has a lot of demand in the IT field. If you do this course then you will not have to deal with unemployment and you need to wander around here somewhere And you can find many jobs in the IT field which is growing continuously.

How much will earn :

If you do this course well then you can get at least 10 to 15000 comfortably at the beginning and as you have experienced you can earn from 50000 to 60000.
If you want to do any of your business then in this field you can do your good business and earn good money.

2-Computer programming language :

Computer courses that you can get after the Inter career .

Friends, as you may know, computers only understand binary numbers and they all have software that is made with the help of coding or a very interesting course, in which you are taught that a software or a website How to create and what programming languages ​​are made of, programming language means that java, c, c ++, python, html etc which is if you want to see all these languages ​​in So you do not need to learn much about programming. Most java, c, c++, HTML is used only for coating. All these languages ​​are taught in this programming course.

Full employment opportunities :

Guess Guys If you learn all these languages then you can get employment easily in the IT field. You will find many such companies where the website coding developer is needed, you can get a job easily.

How much will earn :

After learning all these languages, you can get 15 to 20,000 comfortably at your beginning and you can easily get lakhs of rupees for your experience.

3-Animation Courses :

Friends, this is a course that if you are interested in the animation course then you or the folks will have seen the movie and everyone will have seen the cartoon and they have the most use of the animations and VFX, due to which they will look so good to us. And if you want to really go through these and want to learn animations then you must definitely do the course or the animation will be very big in today's time. Has become necessary and have money fame Everything is very necessary to have a successful man.

Computer courses that you can get after the Inter career .

Chance :

There is no shortage of employment in this field as you see around you that such small shortcut films and web series is made on YouTube, which has a lot of use of animation and you can get better jobs easily 2014 According to the figures, there are 15000 animators, which is needed by the number of millions by 2020, and this number is continuously increasing.

How much will earn :

There are many ways of earning after this course and in the beginning you can easily get between 15,000 to 20000 which you can easily find lakhs of experience according to the experience.

4-Web designing course :

Friends, everyone knows this course, but only a few people will understand that if you do this course well then how much help can you get in the career ahead or the course is also related to programming. How the website is made and how well a website can be made, this is taught through programming, it needs the highest HTML language in it. Is very important for designing.

Computer courses that you can get after the Inter career .

Employment opportunities :

If you want to get a good job after designing, then there are many jobs in front of you that can make you a successful person. There is no shortage in the field of employment after designing. You can get employment anywhere in this if you become a website You will get employment easily in any company and you will make a good career.

How much will earn :

After doing this course, you can create a website for any company, for which you will get 15 to 20000 easily, if you create one website you will get 15 to 20000 easily and in the day you will find this field If you have a good experience, you can easily earn from 50000 to 60000 in a month, which is a good start of a good career.

5-Ethical Hacking :

Friends, as you may know, how cyber crime is increasing day by day and how many big scandals are being done through cyber crime. Ethical hacker is the one who removes the shortcomings in our computer or the Server, and removes those deficiencies and makes it right that they can be attacked from this place and they are co They do their utmost protection so that they can not be attacked from that place again. We call them Ethical Hackers, the Ethical Hacker is also called the Cyber ​​Security Expert. Guys, this is a course in which you are connected to cyber crime. Every thing is told that they are practically explained how attacks are attacked and how to avoid all these attacks. It is given that in the Ethical Hacking Course you are told in the course of Ethical Hacking, how to protect your computer from your computer so that he can not be hacked by any other hacker and he is safe and his Data is not stolen anywhere, all information is given to you in the field of Ethical Hacking.

Computer courses that you can get after the Inter career .

Employment Opportunities :

Guess that if you become a professional, then you have no shortage of job. You call the companies themselves and keep them hired so that they can not steal their company data or a professional course To whom you need to work hard.

How much will earn :

It is difficult to tell the earnings of a professional Ethical  hacker, but if you really know about ethical hacking, you can earn good money if you are doing a good one, then you should at least 50 to 6000 It is a small amount that can be very large later but you need to work very hard.

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